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I’m not worried about any STDs because we have both recently

I guess I lucky for having an open minded bf who motto is "I try anyth [...]

For me i joined because was tired of being the one trying to

We would argue over it but it was never really an argument. She promis [...]

I remember games in the Metrodome

The colors designed are deep red depicting anger or rage, purple suiti [...]

Not only was their child horribly injured

And the people here will do what they can to help you. But you really [...]

The body wash lathers with ease

8, 6 and 5. How did they react to the idea that you would possibly go [...]

Out of all the items, our favorite is the paddle

"He slapped me. Brad hit me penis pump," Tina screamed. "We were sitti [...]

I must not take anything seriously really

I ordered a size Medium expecting it to fit larger in some areas than [...]

If you are an independent panel and yet the day beforehand the

The Sun contains 99.86% of the system's known mass steroid side effect [...]

always sad when an athlete is banned without having committed a

the signs and symptoms of gastric cancer steroid The International Sk [...]

It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care

Roberto Jimenez, a Venezuelan lawyer now living in Miami, posted an op [...]
1 2 3 4 5 35 30 / 346 POSTS