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“I, poet of destruction, hereby declare that global warming is

I finally decided that people believed in an afterlife because they co [...]

First and foremost the goal of /r/steroids is to provide harm

Ask your doctor about being tested for AAT deficiency. A blood test ca [...]

Putting a limit on things helps a lot of people lose weight

TransCanada attempt to evict the camp must also be seen in a global co [...]

There are two types of white blood cell that is T and B

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential to the health and [...]

Food temporarily makes me feel good

One of the very first things that has been relayed to me by both types [...]

“Football is good, and the half time show is nice, but what

By the spring of 1963, Glenna and Al were living in Fort Worth, TX whe [...]

She was the first and only partner I’ve ever had

Do I think a person should be able to walk around topless in the mall? [...]

This is especially true in the first few weeks of getting it

Again, our sexuality is just one part of who we are, just like our int [...]

So yeah the first time for both of us was this past friday and

In the meantime, House and Senate members are looking at legislative w [...]

Depending on how supportive your family is and where you live

I done with it, though, because I rather defend my maturity, since it [...]
1 2 3 44 10 / 437 POSTS